I have a pretty “yellish” Amiga 1200. I’ve been trying to resurrect my old girlfriend since two years or so, but with no success. Her hard drive is dead, keyboard does not work well  (that horrible tape…) and the PSU not so healthy anymore. I cleaned the floppy and besides the mainboard and expansion card (full 68030 with 10MB RAM) it is the most shiny part. I’ve promised to myself to spend some more time on that stuff during the upcoming vacations…

Truth be told, this is an old stuff (sorry dear Amiga) anyway. It may work for some time but who knows for how long. I love the stuff people have done for that hardware, especially the demoscene productions (I used to collect even the cractros…) and need a way to watch them from time to time. I don’t plan to expend big money for a new one too.  Emulation then.

I am a Linux user, and unfortunately I suffer a bit from lack of WinUAE (I know, there are options…). However, even WinUAE on a native Windows, not mentioning WINE, behaves strange (did you see the fullscreen mode? this is a bad joke) and I don’t like it much. Another hardware I possibly could make an Amiga is Playstation 3. This is not so easy anymore though. You jailbreak it and Sony says Game Over to you. Even though I use PS3 once in a blue moon, I don’t want to hack it. So what’s then…

Looks like Nintendo Wii could be the best candidate. I am not familiar with that console, but it’s cheap and has some great looking emulators. I would have to buy a keyboard (yes, coding in AsmOne :) also, but this is an acceptable cost. Maybe the emulation is not so sexy, but it is more likely to get some fun with less effort and money that way. I’ve just started to research about it and I am not sure if Wii wouldn’t require a hardware hack to install 3rd party software, but from what I saw, it does not look so. Maybe I miss something, we’ll see. The real Amiga is waiting anyways.

Resources to investigate more: