The power of experiment.

When I were young, the time did not fly so horribly fast. This is for sure. I do not really remember whether I traveled with the speed of light or what, but apparently I had much more time. It was not so expensive as it is today. This is for sure.

Now, having family and regular work, it looks like I slowed down (or the world speeds up!) and it is hard to catch up with things I would like to touch somehow. Ha! The experts say you have to manage the time. Yeah. Easy to say.

I know this is not something unique to my life, though. Despite the fact that it does not help me at all, it could be kind of a solace however. Yeah… But I miss the point. This is not something I want to write here… Where were I…

The time flies. Yes, it does. What is the impact on my “Back to the code!” mission? Enormous. The very first thing I got hit by is that I do not have time to experiment! This important, crucial even, activity was something that allowed me to explore many different areas and become skillful. The experiment is something that has always been a flywheel for the science. For our civilization.

Now, with all the technology stack behind so called  web development, the demand is to do it now! See the damn frameworks. Although this is great stuff, it is just an illusion. Even though you got something at the very beginning, and for free, it does not give you a solution. To reach the goal, you would have to play with the whole stack of crap. And to get familiar with it. Means to sacrifice your precious resource – the god called Time.

Experiments are for free people. Be free is expensive then. Bummer… I have just thrown 30 minutes of my precious time straight to the trashcan called Internet. Am I rich man or a poor guy then?