Riding a lambda.

Lambda is a vicious horse. It is very hard to keep riding. Time after time I’ve been suddenly bucked off by knottiness of its constructions and complexity. I feel like not moving forward at all…

After I went through several sections of pure, systematic theory in great “Learn You a Haskell”, I switched to something more “applied” – “Introduction to Haskell”. I hope these two resources together will make my Haskell journey more progressive, and comfy too.

Playing with ghci is a great fun, however in the long term it won’t give me a real programming experience. It is like playing with a complex system, or interacting with a awesome machinery if you will. I need to smell some source code though. Did you stick just with IDLE for a long time when learning Python?

Happy “functioning”!

Learning new languages is fun.

This is pretty interesting that one of the hobbies and no-work-related activities I’ve been able to find some time recently for is… Haskell. Don’t know if this is a constant trend yet, but it looks like I found a new Python. Not in a technical sense of course.

This is just the same vibe and feeling when I was discovering Python, around its 1.5 revision. Almost like Columbus and his New World :) With Haskell, both new language and new concept behind it, exercising your brain is for free. I hope I will be able to write something about the experience soon.

And now, for something completely different. Recently I’ve been to a nice retro-computing event – “Old Computers and Games”. Although the blog post is in Polish, the photos should be pretty understandable.

To be functional.

The previous post was about a free book on Scala language. Book that introduces Scala and its ecosystem to an impatient person. I have made few attempts to make myself familiar with that language, but…

Java language is something I intentionally left behind some time ago. I am no longer a Java developer and won’t be. I accept JVM presence and do like some new things that runs on it, like Groovy for example, but programming in Java is boring, tiresome and mundane. Of course this is my private opinion. Great I am not a Java programmer for a living :)

What kills my passion to learn Scala is… yeah, the Java heritage. The reason I planned to get to know that language is simple – it is a functional language and its ecosystem is constantly growing. Nothing more. So…

Since my primary goal is to grasp that “functional” thing, I believe Haskell could be a better choice. Haskell is purely-functional (sounds like a flame wars, doesn’t it?), and yes, there is no Java behind the scenes.

“Learn You a Haskell for Great Good! (LYAH)” looks like a great resource to start with. The sun saying “Holy shit!” is killing me :D