The ‘create’ for the main class is coming.

With YUI, finally I managed to rewrite the standard ‘create’ view. It does not mean that the view is done, but my eyes don’t hurt so much. The Grails generated views make me feel dizzy. I don’t know why.

I created 3×3 grid in the CSS Grid builder, decomposed the  standard view into templates (_topright.gsp, _bottomleft.gsp, and so on) and put <g:render template=”…” /> in the html file I got from the builder. Of course the YUI ‘grids.css’ or ‘grids-min.css’ (build/grids folder within the YUI zip file) stylesheet must be added to HEAD either in the new view, or in the ‘main.gsp’ Sitemash layout (…/views/layout/main.gsp).

Ah, yes – I didn’t delete the original ‘create’ view. I just added a new one – ‘newcreate’ (pretty geeky name, I know…) and all the new “experimental”  stuff is landing there. What is important is to not forget about adding a new action to the controller. Another one key thing is to modify the ‘list’, ‘show’ and ‘edit’ views to re/direct actions to the ‘newcreate’ instead of ‘create’. Obvious stuff, but writing something down, helps to remember things :)

To be honest I am not so sure if the time I’ve spend on the views was a good deal, but for sure I learnt something new. This is good. Good. However, I don’t feel I moved towards the goal as much as I wished to. The real thing will be to introduce some services to import the real data into the database.

Distracted. This is how I feel.

UI is tough.

Today I tried to develop a ‘create’ view for the most important (thus the biggest one) class in my application. I cannot say I succeeded.

The complexity of CSS stuff is killing me. I never was a front end developer (hmm… except Borland C++, Java’s Swing and… Python’s curses :)) and I don’t feel like I know how to overcome the growing fatigue… Hopefully I’ve found YUI and its Grids CSS, so maybe not everything is lost.

I am not saying the task is easy now, but I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Not much but I believe the direction is correct at least. The grids builder gives a chance to create a bare grid and understand the concept by experimenting at the same time.

I don’t expect any miracles. Just something that allows me to lay the things out. Maybe tomorrow.

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