Making dots.

Like Lemmings used to say “Oh no!”. It’s mid-February, and I haven’t came up with anything new for this a <coming back> blog… This is embarrassing.
I did not bury the idea though. I have been continuously reading code, trying to understand code and practice. The steps are tiny however and progress is hardly visible. Stamina is shaking.

The one thing that keeps me busy since a long time, is a nice stars routine I found at Legacy SCAT webpage: Dots, dots...
This is the rightmost one.

Yes, dots. I love dots. Star dots in particular. The source code lacks of good comments, and it is rather hard for 30+ years old rookie to understand the flow, data structures and tricks. Interruptions do not make the learning process easier too. I still don’t know how to debug and play with that code in a right way.

starsintro.sWhat keeps me smiling still and make that effort worthwhile, even though you can not monetize that, are the emotions and fun when another brick in that hecking wall is coming crashing down. A brick of ignorance. Hell yeah!


Coding in a bedroom.

I haven’t been doing much with my Amiga and retro stuff recently. The reason being… I am simply too tired after hit home. Either work is getting harder, or I am getting old ;) Maybe both.

Commuting is part of my daily sickness, but public transportation has an advantage – you can read books. And I do. Kindle device is a great commute companion.

I am multitasking when reading. Or maybe I am multireading, but the spell checker says there is no such a word. Not sure it is a right way to read books, but it does work for me.

IT'S BEHIND YOU: the making of a computer game

One of the mobi files I’ve recently loaded onto my Kindle is “IT’S BEHIND YOU: the making of a computer game“. A book written by Bob Pape, a game coder from the golden era of bedroom-coders. It tells a great story about how games got developed back in the day, in times of Spectrum, C64 and BBC Micro. When Amiga and Atari ST were a high class machines. Highly recommended!