I think I’ve seen this couple months back, but today it drawn my attention more successfully. So successfully, I put that thing on my wish list. This is not a critically expensive but 200 Euros is not 20, unfortunately. What I am talking about?


MIST is a successful project of two people. Till Harbaum stands behind the software (FPGA to be precise) part. Hardware was done by a hero of 8 and 16-bit folks – Lotharek. The board looks amazing. The casing is not so cool to me, but it was a price/value decision I believe.

It is very temping, to have a magic box that can be either an Amiga or Atari ST, by one SD card swap. I’ve heard that Atari 8-bit project is ongoing. How cool!

Alright. Where is my beer money…

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    1. The thing is that MIST is more than just an emulator. It is a hardware platform consists of FPGA, I/O modules, memory, etc., that is capable to run so called “cores” which in turn are software representations of Atari, Atari ST, Amiga, whatever.

      Sure, in many cases a software emulator is fair enough, especially in case of 8 bit platforms. However in order to properly imitate more advanced systems, an FPGA implementation is a better choice. It will be more accurate than any software. Emulator simply runs on top of a host platform and must emulate all the things like CPU, custom chips, circuits. FPGA and the HDL language fits better that purpose since it is simply designed for doing exactly this.

      I don’t like the price either ;) Quality comes with a price however.

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