Coding in a bedroom.

I haven’t been doing much with my Amiga and retro stuff recently. The reason being… I am simply too tired after hit home. Either work is getting harder, or I am getting old ;) Maybe both.

Commuting is part of my daily sickness, but public transportation has an advantage – you can read books. And I do. Kindle device is a great commute companion.

I am multitasking when reading. Or maybe I am multireading, but the spell checker says there is no such a word. Not sure it is a right way to read books, but it does work for me.

IT'S BEHIND YOU: the making of a computer game

One of the mobi files I’ve recently loaded onto my Kindle is “IT’S BEHIND YOU: the making of a computer game“. A book written by Bob Pape, a game coder from the golden era of bedroom-coders. It tells a great story about how games got developed back in the day, in times of Spectrum, C64 and BBC Micro. When Amiga and Atari ST were a high class machines. Highly recommended!

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