Coding in a bedroom.

I haven’t been doing much with my Amiga and retro stuff recently. The reason being… I am simply too tired after hit home. Either work is getting harder, or I am getting old ;) Maybe both.

Commuting is part of my daily sickness, but public transportation has an advantage – you can read books. And I do. Kindle device is a great commute companion.

I am multitasking when reading. Or maybe I am multireading, but the spell checker says there is no such a word. Not sure it is a right way to read books, but it does work for me.

IT'S BEHIND YOU: the making of a computer game

One of the mobi files I’ve recently loaded onto my Kindle is “IT’S BEHIND YOU: the making of a computer game“. A book written by Bob Pape, a game coder from the golden era of bedroom-coders. It tells a great story about how games got developed back in the day, in times of Spectrum, C64 and BBC Micro. When Amiga and Atari ST were a high class machines. Highly recommended!

Amiga assembler setup.

Aside from other projects I’ve been trying to move forward, back to Amiga coding is one of the most important ones. You may ask why… It is hard to explain (since English is not my 1st language as you might have noticed ;) but in short, this is simply something I want to push beyond level I “achieved” in 90s (I have to refresh all that stuff first!). The road to hell is paved with good intentions, some say. Usually they are right.

Since a month or so, I’ve been moving step by step, using the following setup:

  • FS-UAE running 3.0 Kickstart, booted up with Trash’m One 2.0 floppy disk.
  • A Linux path mounted in FS-UAE as an Amiga hard drive, to store source files.
  • gVim as an editor.

My current Amiga asm dev setup.

All the editing is done in gVim (it has 680×0 syntax coloring). Don’t know yet how to trigger a quick reread of the source file in Trash’m One once I modified it in editor, but will get to that :)

With my current hardware, I am not able to run two Amiga emulators in parallel as vikke does, but for now it is not a problem to me. I am playing with simple stuff that is not crashing so often yet.

Speaking of stuff. I came across a very nice video tutorial being developed by Photon/Scoopex. It is hosted on ScoopexUs youtube profile. What is important, the tutorial is not a gem from the ancient times. The most recent part is dated for September this year! Highly recommended.

Amiga Forever DVDs.

A package awaited for me at home. I was little puzzled because it has been sent out from US. Didn’t I order it at Cloanto, Italy? No single word about content on the envelope made me wondering what the hell is that…

Do you like to unpack postal packages? I do :) Let’s do it.

Amiga Forever 2013 - coverAlright! This is my Amiga Forever Premium Edition copy. A low quality cover (I am not a pedant, but hey, it should look better!), 3 DVDs in the box as promised. Wait… what’s that smell? Burned DVDs? Come on.

Anyway, my laptop’s old DVD drive did not have any problems with reading them thus far. This is the most important thing. A nasty taste has not vanished yet though…

Amiga Forever 2013 DVDs