Spring is coming (I hope).

March 15th. I would expect a completely different view outside, but it is what it is. Snow. Again.

Same applies to this blog. It meant to be a vehicle for my revival as an active programmer and coder, whereas… Silence. Again.

Luckily it is not so bad . The fact that I write so rarely here is a sum of various elements, but it does not mean I am dead yet. Neither literally nor figuratively. Which is a good thing. At least to me.

So called business requirements has changed and I had to abandoned Haskell. Since some time now, C and C++ refreshment took it place. Something useful for my work and hobby (yeah, Amiga) as well. It’s been a quite long time since I wrote my last complex application in C, so it will be fun for sure. Moreover, the C/C++ standards has evolved much. But it will be a potential objective for the future. Not something I worry about at the moment.

There is a common belief that every programmer has to learn a new programming language every year. What about brushing up something from the past? It can be lot of fun and certainly will perfectly work for your brain mechanics.

Remember Forth for example? Guess what I did use as a manual when I tried to explore it back in early 90s… No Internet, no professional books (yup, I was living on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain). Just Atari 130XE with a disk drive. The answer is – a disk monitor. If I am not wrong it was an app called Watson. It was a journey through hundreds of experiments, endeavors and hacks. Luckily after a month or two a local Atari paper magazine started a Forth course.

I never became proficient in Forth, like in dozen of other programming languages.  I believe however, that the attempts alone made my engineer soul happy. It just helps the ball rolling. Despite what your manager might say to you, work is not only money. Technology you work with should keep you smiling. Happy hacking.

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