To be functional.

The previous post was about a free book on Scala language. Book that introduces Scala and its ecosystem to an impatient person. I have made few attempts to make myself familiar with that language, but…

Java language is something I intentionally left behind some time ago. I am no longer a Java developer and won’t be. I accept JVM presence and do like some new things that runs on it, like Groovy for example, but programming in Java is boring, tiresome and mundane. Of course this is my private opinion. Great I am not a Java programmer for a living :)

What kills my passion to learn Scala is… yeah, the Java heritage. The reason I planned to get to know that language is simple – it is a functional language and its ecosystem is constantly growing. Nothing more. So…

Since my primary goal is to grasp that “functional” thing, I believe Haskell could be a better choice. Haskell is purely-functional (sounds like a flame wars, doesn’t it?), and yes, there is no Java behind the scenes.

“Learn You a Haskell for Great Good! (LYAH)” looks like a great resource to start with. The sun saying “Holy shit!” is killing me :D

2 thoughts on “To be functional.

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    1. Just three comments:

      1. One thing from JAVA world I don’t like most is Java *language*. And I put it straight.
      2. I assure you, there are many posts like the one you’ve pointed out dedicated to every single technology humans invented.
      3. Functional languages not serious and new? Ouch! You’re wrong :-P

      There are many tools and toys. The most important thing is to make a good use of it and have a lot of fun. Or the opposite way round, since fun is also something we do all this “programming” for. At least sometimes.

      Thanks for commenting!

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