My Amiga 1200. To be continued?

It’s been an awful long time since I wrote here the last time. Reason being simple, as simple it can be – daily routine I swamped by… And yes, lack of motivation, topics, time, energy, ideas… You name it :)

Alright. Amiga 1200. My old friend. Decomposed but powered on, and working. With that ‘click’ floppy sound. This is where I was.

Keyboard was my primary struggle. I knew it was not functional anymore, but… Maybe you know that feeling, when you count on, literally, magic. It did not happen though. Only few keys were able to break through and say “hello” on the screen. What a shame. Magic does not exist…

The keyboard is somewhat working...
The keyboard is somewhat working…
TRASH'M-One is not a Playstation Basic interpreter and you could not code using joystick...
TRASH’M-One is not a Playstation Basic interpreter and apparently you could not code using joystick…

So… no much you can do with no keyboard. On the disks I found there were no games. OK, maybe two or three, but… they refused to start. I had no zeal to investigate further. Maybe they are remains of A500 I had before, or have failed due to Motorola 68030, or Fast RAM, or weather, or my bad mood. Who knows.

Good old times cast in magnetic disks...
Good old times cast in magnetic disks…

Nevertheless, there was one component I had to check still.

Motorola 68030, with MMU, geared with devilish 28MHz. And 8MB on-board… M-Tec T1230/28. Yeah, it was a low-end even that time I was buying it, but it is always better to have something than nothing, right? I spent a noticeable amount of money on it. I was working for a month or so during my vacations… It was a dedication! I wanted to see the demos that complained about my bare A1200.

M-Tec T1230/28
M-Tec T1230/28. Not a beast, but a nice thing still!
M-Tec T1230/28
Looks fabulous, doesn’t it?

And here I got a lesson how volatile human memory is…

Jumpers... Do you remember them?
Jumpers… Do you remember them?

Believe it or not, but I had a really hard time making the expansion card working :) I couldn’t find the user guide, and the labels on the card was rather cryptic. I ran few cycles before I found THE RIGHT combinations. Like in an adventure game…

Kind of a system info...
Kind of a system info…

Here is the place my story ends. At least for now. I am not sure which direction I should pursue. To pump time and money to the real vintage, meaning Amiga 1200, or keep it as it is and buy Mimig or other FPGA replica. What I found for sure is that I am not a vintage guy, and I am not interested in renovating old stuff, for sake of having it working. What I am looking for is the feeling, the spirit of those days. If it is possible at all, it is more likely, at least to me, to find it coding and developing any kind of software. And I can do this with Mimig, or… even on a machine running AROS.

Amiga spirit lives on.

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