Resurecting Amiga 1200. Fight!

Get back to my parents-in-law house and my little, yellow and somewhat decomposed Amiga 1200. Not yet rotting, but not booming either. I mentioned non-so-responsive keyboard (I recall it has stopped working 10 years ago…), the mouse with no ball and a broken hard drive. Enough to be disheartened, but not now. Fight!

The thing I was certain about was the power supply. My brother did a great job in renovating it and I was sure the current is fine. I plugged the power cables, attached the keyboard (even though I knew it’s useless) and mount the floppy drive. As for the video output, I connected an old SVGA CRT monitor via the scan-doubler. The deficient mouse was also in place. Deficient but faithful :) Time to power on the stuff. With no fear.

Hard stuff...

Hard stuff…

Scandex scan-doubler

Bummer. No famous fdd ‘click’, no video output, LEDs dark as hell. Not a good sign at all. Time to handle issues like a support engineer shall do.

I started with video. I searched vigorously for a tv cable, and luckily found one inside a box under closet. I connected an old tv to the modulator port and…

Sometime you need to reach for a cable...

Sometime you need to reach for a cable…

Hooray! Beautiful animation appeared on the screen. Scandex is dead apparently. And LEDs as well. Now what is wrong with the floppy drive… No ‘click’? How come? I’ve inserted a disk anyway, but nothing happened. Another dead horse?

Or maybe something wrong with the ribbon cable? I took a closer look but with no conclusion. Let’s try to invert connector then. Power off, power on… And it clicked again! What a relief.

A1200 running a real thing!

A1200 running a real thing!

One more episode to come…

3 thoughts on “Resurecting Amiga 1200. Fight!

  1. Hi there,

    Great to see that your Amiga 1200 is up and running after all those years. :) Well done!

    Btw.. what is being displayed on that TV? Is it a demo?

    Too bad about the the Scandex though. :(

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