Back to blogging…

Today is May 26th, 2012. 6 months passed away, relatively in peace, since the last post here. I am not sure whether I had no time to write something new here, or it was just a lack of motivation. Or maybe I just forgot about this blog ;)

Things have changed. Again. Hooray! I switched to a new role! This is not a promotion, but a big win to me anyway. Although in the same company, this is something completely different than I was doing over the last 4 years. I have some, rather high, expectations towards the change. I hope I am prepared, ready and I will do this right. I’ve been doing all my best, but a cup of tasty luck would be more than welcomed. Finger crossed, but still on the keyboard.

It is worth to mention here that the application I was developing in Grails, finally has landed in the realm of… Lotus Notes :) (I think you can make a guess who pays my bills then…). It came out that it fits best in company’s security and deploy policies and… Lotus Notes technology has everything to do the tool well. A lesson for me – judge more thoroughly and consider more options before you go. It is a high risk to choose a not-so-well-known-to-you technology, to deliver a product to your customer. Even though the customer is internal. It does not mean you are allowed to move the GA week by week, just because you are learning. Practice at home, do the job at work (I am too cruel…).

I do believe I’ve just started a new paragraph, and at least every week I will have something worth to write down here. Did I say “finger crossed” somewhere above?

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